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The artists are the reason we are working hard in De-Mi Arts. The Arts are such an inspirational, uplifting, relaxing  and motivating experience no matter if you are the artist or just an appreciator of the arts. We want to bring art back to the communities so that people can explore, experience and appreciate the original, raw talents! Here in The Gallery you will be able to explore your favorite genres of art to experience amazing talent! Check out the artists categories below. You just may discover your new favorite artist or become a De-Mi Arts artist yourself!

Facebook Artists' Photo Submissions!

Want to see your photos here too!? Well submit photos to us on Facebook showing us how you art!!! You just may be chosen as photo of the month ! Be Happy. Be Free. Be Art.

"Art is beyond a talent/gift; art is a stress reliever that millions of people do not realize they enjoy. Music, dance, movies and so much more! Art is all around us! Be Free. Be Happy. Be Art."


-Team De-Mi Arts

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